Wizard world

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They all seem very reserved and just get together with people they know. In the golden hall, wizards in luxurious dresses and beautiful robes gathered in groups of 332 and 21 to chat. One of the most conspicuous is the first step into the Angri Yifande. The grandson of the second elder was

Noticing Anglie's glance, the lady, supported by her escort, gave Anglie a gentle wink. Then he twisted his waist and left slowly. It's Miss Isabel. The second granddaughter of the Great Elder. Rhine introduced in a low voice in Angri's ear. Let's go straight to the main meeting hall. Anglie patted his wrinkled clothes. Head straight for the end of the white driveway. He noticed that there were only a dozen carriages in the parking space, and more people could only be asked to get off the carriage outside the fence. Most of these people are guests with lower status. They can only be led in by their subordinates, instead of walking around freely like themselves and others. Just after a few steps, two middle-aged attendants with moustaches came up on their own initiative. Excuse me, are you Lord Green? The middle-aged man with short red hair bowed and asked. Yes. Has Lord Shazo arrived yet? Asked Anglie, nodding. Adults have twenty minutes to arrive and can only stay here for half an hour. I will go to the Central Committee to attend an emergency meeting soon. The attendant answered in a low voice. Come with me, please. "Mmm." The two of them followed him all the way. Before and after, there were guests like him who were led into the hall by their attendants. It's just relatively rare. Other guests with insufficient status can only pause and wait for them to go in first. In order to move forward. It seems to be a kind of etiquette. Anglie walked slowly forward, surrounded by ordinary guests standing on both sides. Every time he walks up to these people. They would smile and bow respectfully. There was also a faint comment about his identity behind him. Walking up the white jade steps, suddenly there was a suppressed cry of surprise behind him. It's Suman.. Is he also a guest invited by Lord Shazo? ?! It's impossible! "Suman?" This is crazy! Aren't your excellency afraid of..? The suppressed cries of the crowd still could not be suppressed. Suman? Damn! What on earth was Lord Shazo thinking!? Rhine Si seemed to know the name. His face looked a little ugly. Anglie gave an inquiring look doubtfully, then turned around. Just in time to see the gate of the fence, a tall girl in a green dress,heavy duty rack manufacturers, followed by a thin boy in black. The two of them walked calmly into the gate together. The other attendants did not dare to stop them at all, and for a moment they looked at each other at a loss. Angelique, who was standing on the steps, nodded clearly after Rhine had whispered a few words of explanation in her ear. Looking at the combination of the little boy and the comely girl, there was also a faint strange expression. Are you Lord Green? A clear male voice suddenly came from behind Anglie. He quickly turned around. "Yes, I'm Green.". And you are? A man in red tights, wearing a dark red cloak, stood behind him with a gentle smile on his face. Behind the man stood two white-robed wizards with hoods. It looks like an extraordinary status. I'm lvander. Just like you. My grandfather is the second elder. The man in red smiled and said, industrial racking systems ,wire mesh decking, "I heard that Elder Wei Wei has finally found her own blood. As a member of the House of Elders, we are also very happy for her." "You're welcome." Angelique smiled too. The two exchanged pleasantries for a while. Instead, they slowly retreated to one side so as not to block the others. You know Suman, right? It's normal for Lord Xia Zuo to invite us, but he even invited Su Man to dinner. That's a little abnormal. Ivan looked faintly at Suman and the girl in the green dress who were coming this way in the distance, and his eyes flashed a trace of gloom. Anglie also nodded in the affirmative: "Suman, as the successor of the first domain owner of the Thousand Falls City, is the enemy of our House of Elders. As my mother's student, Lord Xia Zuo should not entertain the enemy's descendants in any case.". This is really a bit unreasonable. And it is said that even the city of Thousand Falls has given up this Suman. Tried many ways, but failed to activate his wizard aptitude. In fact, the reason is very simple. See that girl in the green dress? Evander raised his chin in the direction of the girl. Her name was Serra, a cousin of Lord Shazo, and the most beloved of the younger members of the family. But now it seems that the child seems to like the thin and sickly Suman, if not like, at least have an unclear relationship. Perhaps Lord Xia Zuo still has the meaning of taking this opportunity to observe and test this Suman. "Oh?" Anglie was slightly stupefied, but he didn't think there was such a layer. Come on, let's go inside first. That Leisabetta guy is here. It seems that this banquet is specially held for the younger generation. Iveld smiled and turned to the banquet hall. Angley took a closer look at the Suman. Far away, you can only see that the other side's face is firm and firm, and his face shows an unhealthy flush. It looks like a sick seedling. It was Serra, the girl in the green dress beside her, who looked worried and ready to help the former at any time. Is this boy the trigger for the war between the city of a thousand falls and the House of Elders? Heir to the first domain master? It's a pity. The will is good. If it's not a waste constitution, maybe it will make a career. Angelique turned. "Let's go, Rhine." "Yes." The two men walked slowly up the stone steps and into the hall. The two white-skirted maids in front of the gate bowed. Angley was vaguely aware that as he came in, a faint wave slowly spread from the door, which seemed to contain a message from him. As the wave spread, some people in the banquet hall suddenly turned their eyes. Angelio.. Lord Finnell Welcome your arrival. A delicate woman's voice sounded slowly in the hall. It also attracted some guests to look curiously at Anglie,shuttle rack system, but no one came to contact him. They all seem very reserved and just get together with people they know. In the golden hall, wizards in luxurious dresses and beautiful robes gathered in groups of 332 and 21 to chat. One of the most conspicuous is the first step into the Angri Yifande. The grandson of the second elder was standing in a group of noble girls, talking and laughing gracefully. jracking.com