Against the chaos of time

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My mother said what to buy, don't waste the money, and then asked my father to take me home to change clothes

My mother said what to buy, don't waste the money, and then asked my father to take me home to change clothes. Feng Tao's mother grabbed my arm and said nothing to let me go. My mother had no choice but to go to work in the afternoon, so she had to let Feng Tao's mother. When he left, he said to me, "If you dare to buy clothes with Feng Tao's mother, I'll kill you." I don't care. I don't believe my mother can beat me. She scares me. Then my parents all left. My father opened a shop to sell computers, and my mother went to work. Both of them were very busy. Feng Tao's parents bought us a lot of delicious food, Feng Tao face movements can not be too big, drink porridge. When eating porridge, Feng Tao disliked the taste of porridge and wanted to eat a piece of meat. Feng Tao his mother glared at Feng Tao, "fight with people hurt like this, still have the face to eat meat ah!"? You can't move your face too much. You can't eat meat. Feng Tao's father stood at the window smoking, and his mother stood back and forth in the room angrily. Feng Tao looked at me pitifully, and I stuffed a piece of meat into Feng Tao's mouth while his parents were not paying attention. Feng Tao smiled and frowned when he smiled. I didn't dare to tease Feng Tao, so I didn't talk to him much. In the afternoon, Feng Tao's father stayed to take care of Feng Tao, and his mother took me to buy clothes. I said I wouldn't go, and his mother wouldn't let me go. His family has money and buys all brand goods. Benny Road, Jeanswest and so on do not look at, directly buy Adidas Nike. He bought me two clothes, a pair of trousers and a pair of shoes,gold CIP machine, which cost nearly two thousand yuan. And Feng Tao is also a foreign brand shirt and foreign brand shorts. After Feng Tao's mother and I went back, his mother gave the clothes to Feng Tao and asked him to change them. Feng Tao nodded feebly and put on his new clothes. Putting on the new clothes, Feng Tao looked more handsome, but the piece of gauze on his face was quite unpleasant. Feng Tao's family wanted to stock up, and his parents left in the evening. He left a thousand yuan for Feng Tao and told him not to eat meat but to have some porridge. There were only two of us in the ward, and the night in the hospital was particularly desolate. Empty wards, cold walls. We are bored, and we are just bragging. We were defeated during the day,coltan ore processing, and now I think it's quite suffocating. I said to Feng Tao, "Don't worry, I have to help you with this revenge.". Those people, I will not let go of each one. "What about Dai Ji?" "Feng Tao asked me with a bad smile, diverting the serious topic." I have no appetite to see her, and I won't do it for nothing. But if you give me a beer bottle, I can play. I laughed when I finished, and I laughed very wretchedly. Ha ha ha, that's interesting. You really want to take the beer bottle. Feng Tao smiled again and looked at the ceiling with empty eyes. He lit a cigarette and said, "Oh, if only I could have a woman to accompany me. It's too lonely." My heart moved, "I help you find millet to accompany you?" "Forget it, that kind of girl, is to play for nothing, I do not want to see her again.". "But it's good to help me break my virginity and give me a taste of that kind of thing." Feng Tao lit a cigarette and said. I looked at Feng Tao as if nothing had happened and said nothing. He looked like my cousin. The more you care, portable gold wash plant ,magnetic separator machine, the more you pretend you don't care. Ever since he went to the hospital, he's been hoping for someone else to see him. But no, because I was his only friend. That Xiaomi, just play with him. He spent so much money on Xiaomi, but Xiaomi still didn't come to see him. I slept in another hospital bed at night, a little insomnia, when I think of the scene when I want to avenge Feng Tao, I can't help shaking. How can I get revenge? Disfigure Jay with a knife? Or stab him twice? I dare not break the law, but I still want to avenge this for my brother. The next morning, when I woke up, Feng Tao was having an intravenous drip. Then several more people were admitted to the ward, and I had to sit beside Feng Tao's bed. Feng Tao seemed to be unable to stay in the hospital, a little irritable, smoking one after another. A man said, "Don't smoke, child. It's too choking.". Feng Tao glared at the man, "I don't like to stay out!" "How can children be like this now?" The man murmured to himself and then ignored us. He coughed twice, and Feng Tao thought about it and put out his cigarette. He was always looking out of the door, and I knew why he was anxious. At noon, I went out to buy food. The food is what Feng Tao and I like to eat. The rice covered with tomatoes is sweet and sour. In addition, I bought some fried chicken legs. When I went back, there was a big basket of fruit on Feng Tao's desk. Two girls are standing beside Feng Tao's bed, one is ugly and the other is beautiful. I don't know the ugly one, but the beautiful one is Dai Ji. Dai Ji wore a black short sleeve and a pair of short shorts. She cut her hair, and her long hair turned into short hair, and she looked very energetic. When I came in, Feng Tao looked out of the window. Dai Ji looked a little ugly when he saw me. Dai Ji said, "In this fight, several of our people were cut by you, and you were disfigured.". No one took advantage and no one suffered. I hope you don't call the police about your disfigurement. If you want revenge, we'll do it. If you don't want revenge, we won't bully you anymore. I listened to Dai Ji's words and finally understood Dai Ji's purpose. Dai Ji, she is afraid that we will call the police and Jay will be arrested. I looked at Dai Ji's sweet appearance and suddenly felt that she was particularly disgusting. I went directly to Feng Tao's bedside and pointed at Dai Ji and said, "We will certainly avenge this, please go out!" "Oh." Feng Tao also looked out of the window and sneered. All right, we'll keep you company! Dai Ji looked at us for several seconds with a red face and then walked out. When she went out, I grabbed Dai Ji's fruit basket and tried to throw it away. Feng Tao stopped me. He asked Dai Ji, "How is Xiaomi?" "She made up with the fourth brother." Dai Ji stopped, thought about it, and then walked out without looking back. When Dai Ji walked out, I heard a low sob. When I looked at Feng Tao, Feng Tao was already in tears. Feng Tao cried and said to me, "In fact, from the first time I saw Xiaomi, I liked her very much." Chapter 34 Brother Lei is back. "Well, it's not worth it, really." I stood beside Feng Tao's hospital bed with an expressionless face. Yeah, I know it's not worth it. However,coltan ore processing, whenever I think of millet, my heart is very painful. Feng Tao said, unable to help crying loudly. A sixteen-year-old boy is crying like a child at the moment.